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Corporate Events

Corporate events come in many shapes and sizes, but all corporate events have one thing in common: reflecting and enhancing a company’s brand image. Events are company investments. We at Cream Events understand this, and are committed to ensuring that all our productions enhance the positive image and identity of our corporate clients.

From Product Launches and themed Dinner & Dances to Professional Teambuilding and Retreats, we have the expertise to create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. With proactivity and diligence, we are able to avoid potential complications and obstacles, assuring for a smooth-flowing and rewarding event.

Themed Dinner and Dance

In recent years, it has become a trend for companies to organize their annual Dinner & Dances with a twist: A theme. Cream Events is no stranger to these, and in fact, we love them! Organizing a themed party is not just about the backdrop and an emcee in costume – it is about creating the perfect atmosphere. You and your guests should feel like you have entered a different world not a 'themed-party'. That is how we strive to organize our dinner and dances!

Product launch

It takes many months to plan the release of a new product, and many more to build one. A Product Launch needs to create the right impact to mark a solid entry into the market. An event of such importance needs to be conceptualized and executed as meticulously as possible. Here at Cream Events, we plan product launches in a way that empowers the product, ensuring superior awareness. Product launches offer businesses the opportunity to build useful relationships with future clients and true friends. With us by your side, you can do just that!

Professional Teambuilding

Teambuilding is more than just activities under the sun. We believe it is a time to evaluate and enhance employees’ efficiency and ability to work together under different conditions and circumstances. Cream Events’, Professional Teambuilding concepts are tailored to your goals. Our dedicated group of team builders can craft different activities, from simple bonding exercises to complex group dynamic games. We can create programs for half-day, full -day or even multi-day events, tied in with retreats.

Corporate Events: Services

Social event planning for:

Award ceremonies

Client Appreciation

Conference meetings

Corporate getaway


Grand openings

Gala dinners

Management retreats

Networking mixers

Professional Teambuilding

Product launches

Roadshow / Fairs

Corporate Events: List
Corporate Events: List

Cream's expertise provides you with:

Budget tracking

Complete event management

Day-of event coordination

Event hardware design

Excellent planners

Guest list management

Thematic conceptualization

Vendor scouting and matching

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